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Chicken bus: A colorful Adventure

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Guatemala is known for its ancestral history, diverse culture, amazing landscapes, and colorful scenery. You can see yourself surrounded by beautiful houses and breathtaking views. So what is the best way you could discover most of these places? Well, that’s a great question! Explore Guatemala like a local and use our public transportation, our “Chicken Bus”.

Chicken buses come to life with their colorful designs, names of wives and girlfriends, and a full stereo sound that makes you feel like you are at a party. But you may have already been on a chicken bus before, that’s right! Before they became chicken buses they helped you go to school. We are talking about the yellow buses. 

After serving 10 – 20 years with US schools, most of these buses are sold and shipped across Latin America, where they start a second journey and transform the yellow painting into red, green, and blue.

The name Chicken Bus comes from Guatemala and their way of transportation many years ago. Farmers and commercials would use the colorful buses as a way of moving around with their materials for sale. Most of the time the bus would be filled with chickens ready to sell at the market. That’s why it is called chicken buses, it refers to the old times when chickens were also part of the crew. 

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