Dance Classes

Dance Classes: A Fun Way to Learn Spanish

Learning a new language is always a challenge, but it can also be an incredibly fun and enriching experience. At ONG Niños de Guatemala, we believe the best way to learn Spanish is by immersing yourself in the culture in a dynamic and exciting way. How about learning Spanish through dance?


Join our dance classes, where you’ll learn to dance salsa and improve your Spanish. Under the guidance of Gloria, our talented instructor with over 20 years of experience, you’ll enjoy every step of this journey. Gloria started her career as a teacher, connecting with her students through dance and body expression. Her passion for dance and dedication to teaching shine through in every class.

For Gloria, being part of ONG Niños de Guatemala means more than just teaching dance steps. She sees her work as an opportunity to help those who come to have a fun time and learn about an integral part of our Latin culture. It’s satisfying to know that, even indirectly, her work contributes to the future of the children we support.


Join us, learn Spanish and salsa, and support the education of over 540 students in Guatemala. Dancing has never been so meaningful!