Final Evaluations: An Emotional Journey of Learning and Pride at "El Porvenir" School

The final evaluations of the  unit at “El Porvenir” school were a heartfelt tribute to the effort, dedication, and love that our students and their families put into each day of learning. Each grade surprised us with projects full of creativity and knowledge, presented with a passion that moved everyone present.

In the pre-k level, the little ones delighted us with a fashion show where they demonstrated their ability to dress themselves, including tying their shoelaces and buttoning their shirts. Additionally, each student introduced themselves in both English and Spanish, showcasing their bilingual skills. Seeing the proud parents applauding and hugging their children at the end of each presentation was a touching moment that highlighted the love and support they receive at home and at school.

The kindergarten students transported us to the depths of the ocean, sharing fascinating facts about marine animals like lobsters, octopuses, swordfish, and starfish, presented in both English and Spanish. The students’ excitement and enthusiasm were palpable, and the bright eyes of their parents in the audience said it all. These magical moments reflect the positive impact that education has on the lives of these children.

In first grade, the students gave us a glimpse into the future by presenting the professions they wish to pursue, such as chefs, builders, farmers, soccer players, police officers, and architects. Their presentations showed not only a deep understanding of each profession but also an inspiring determination. The hugs and encouraging words from parents at the end of each presentation were a testament to their pride and unconditional love.


Finally, the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders’ knowledge of Latin America amazed us. The fourth-grade students took us on a journey through Central America, presenting dishes, clothing, and interesting facts about each country. At the same time, the fifth and sixth graders showed us their abilities in investigation and oral expression about South America, explaining interesting details such as each country’s food, culture, history, flora, and fauna. The connection between parents and children was evident, with smiles and hugs making each presentation a unique and emotional moment.

These final evaluations of the unit were not only a success but also filled us with pride and emotion as we witnessed the talent and dedication of our students, supported by the unconditional love of their parents and the ongoing support of the community. A true testament to what it means to be part of the Niños de Guatemala and “El Porvenir” family!