How to improve your special bond with your sponsored student

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The impact you have on your sponsored student is something very special and unique. When we deliver letters, celebrate their birthdays, or notify the family that you are visiting at school: It lights up their life! 

When we arrive at the schools, the students get so excited about our visit, about what news we bring, and whether we have a special activity for them. They always ask if their sponsor wrote to them. So many questions revolve around one important thing “Is my sponsor thinking of me?”

Unfortunately of the 250  sponsors, only 50  are actively involved with their sponsored students. It makes us sad to get asked by our students if they are sponsored and to tell them no or even worse that they are but the sponsor has never sent any letters. That’s why we are actively working on recruiting more active sponsors, and why we want to share all the fun opportunities you have to create a special bond with your sponsored students.

Write a letter: By sending a letter to our Child-Sponsorship Coordinator, Melissa, you can create a special bond in just a few minutes. You can write to them as if you were talking to an old friend. Ask them how they are doing and what they have been doing. They will ask you questions too and will be eager to hear back from you. This is the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to create a friendship with your sponsored student.

Schedule a video call: If writing is something you struggle with, you can always have a one-on-one video call. We will help you organize it and find a way where both of you can have a great time. Being able to put a face to the person who supports their education will mean the world to them. 

Plan a visit: Do you want to explore a new country full of ancient history and multicultural traditions and cuisine? Meet your sponsored student and get the opportunity to learn about the colorful landscape and unique buildings full of colonial history in Antigua Guatemala. We can help you plan a great vacation with accommodations in a homestay with a local family, or make a reservation at Antigua’s Good Hotel.

If you want to do any or the three activities or you want to schedule all of them make sure to send an email at