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Education is a fundamental human right to which every child is entitled. By funding a child’s education, you not only foster his or her personal development, but you also improve the quality of life for the child and his or her family. You offer a better future and the chance to break free from the cycle of poverty. Moreover, it is a rewarding way to give as it allows you to build a unique bond with the child whose education you finance.

Be a mentor

Become a sponsor today and bring lasting change to a child’s life! As a sponsor, you not only provide education for a child, you also have the opportunity to become their mentor and friend. As many of our children are coming from unstable homes, sponsors provide the support and motivation our students need to succeed in school and grow into capable and conscientious adults.

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For $50 a month you can sponsor a primary school student, for $70 a month you can sponsor a middle school or high school student.

This covers all the costs of educational expenses for one student including:

✓  Educational materials such as books and uniforms
  Food and health costs
  A percentage of the teacher’s salary
✓  General school maintenance

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