Mid-Year Reflections: Celebrations and Achievements at NDG

For our mid-year update, we’ve reached out to our Director of Education to share her insights and reflections. As a pivotal member of our team, her perspective provides valuable insights into the progress and achievements of our educational initiatives thus far. We eagerly anticipate her contribution to our ongoing efforts to enhance learning experiences and support our students’ development. This is what she had to say about our mid-year update.

We have reached the midpoint of the school year, and our academic programs are progressing favorably, demonstrating clear advancement in all our students. Our primary school students in the 1Bot program have taken their first steps in programming, with several groups successfully building their first robots. The emotional well-being programs have started to bear fruit, resulting in more self-confident students. In the Middle School and High School program, “Leader in Me” continues to strengthen students’ organizational and personal skills. This year, we have seen an increase in students interested in recreational reading, prompting our search for support to update our libraries. We remain committed to the challenge of strengthening Mathematics, English, and Language areas.

We are confident that we are on the right path, supported by an excellent educational team. We extend our gratitude to all the volunteers and sponsors who support the NGO Niños de Guatemala. Their contributions are invaluable in helping us achieve our educational goals and fostering the growth of our students. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to providing high-quality education and continuous improvement in all areas. Thanks to everyone involved for their unwavering support and commitment to our mission.


Maria Sandoval

Education Director