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Netherlands Volunteering

In the Netherlands we are proud of having a solid volunteer base. We believe in the value of volunteers for our organization for multiple reasons. Firstly, creating an inspiring base of connection and community is a key priority for NDG. NDG was set up by four friends that after 10+ years are still actively involved. This passion is contagious, and has been the motivation for many people continuing to volunteer with NDG over the years.

Besides that, we are convinced that volunteering can play an important role in both personal development and as a whole for society. When people volunteer for someone else and for the community, social innovation and entrepreneurship arise. For this reason, it is no surprise that volunteers are called ‘the cement’ of society.

In the Netherlands we currently have two employees: Ola, Community Builder, and Elsbeth, Fundraiser. Both of them only work part-time, and so, could use your support more than ever.

Being an NDG volunteer in the Netherlands provides a great deal of possibilities. We are always open to input and new ideas. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic way to gain more work experience in the nonprofit sector, fundraising, event organization, crowdfunding and recruiting volunteers.

As a volunteer you have the option to:

  • Support with Fundraising
  • Help us find new sponsors
  • Create CSR partnerships through schools and institutions
  • Assist Volunteer networking
  • Organize Events

Interested in learning more? Contact our Community Builder, Ola Plonska at for more information or read our volunteer handbook here.

Over the last 6 years I have been volunteering with Niños de Guatemala. I have had the privilege of organizing the incredible Dam tot Damloop event twice, where together with 100 runners we fundraised 25,000 euros. I’ve also helped write grant applications for specific projects at the schools, such as computers for the computer lab and school books.

At Niños de Guatemala you work together with inspiring young people from whom you learn a lot, but also have fun.

I’ve traveled to Guatemala two times to visit the schools. I would recommend this to everyone. Then you can really experience the great work that Niños de Guatemala does, and it will give you the motivation to do more things in the Netherlands.

Volunteer Testimonial
Marijn Henriques de Granada