Niños de Guatemala Students

A Journey Together: Joining Niños de Guatemala

At the heart of Niños de Guatemala, there is a story of unity and collaboration that unfolds at every step of the admissions process. It all begins with the announcement of important dates and the request for necessary documents from interested families. The Social Work team guides new families, providing them with detailed information and support at every step of the way.


For many families, the decision to join Niños de Guatemala goes beyond simply choosing a school. It is an act of faith and hope in a better future for their children. Many parents share stories of unrealized dreams and overcome obstacles, seeing in Niños de Guatemala a unique opportunity to provide their children with quality education and a promising future.

The interviews are special moments where stories intertwine and dreams are shared. As families share their stories, social workers and psychologists gather valuable information to better understand their needs and aspirations.

In the next step, the home visit, is a deeper bond is formed with families, building a relationship of trust and mutual support. In Multidisciplinary Team meetings, every voice matters as families in need are selected to benefit from Niños de Guatemala’s support.

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The confirmation phone call is a moment of shared joy, welcoming new families with open arms. In the welcome meeting, the spirit of the community is shared, and programs that will enrich the educational experience of each child are explained.

It is worth noting that at Niños de Guatemala, each family’s re-entry is a moment of celebration and renewal of our mutual commitment. It is a touching testimony to the trust and connection we share, a continuation of a story of shared success and growth. When a family chooses to return to our community, it is a reminder of the lasting power.