The Orchard Chronicles: A Journey Where Seeds of Health and Knowledge Grow!

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Picture this: A lush, green paradise right within our school grounds, where the magic of nature intertwines with the power of learning. Thanks to the AFAS foundation and our incredible team in the Netherlands, we can create a new orchard for our students.


Remember those dedicated families who show up daily to support their children's education by helping with the kitchen and cleaning the school? Well, now we have a group of families that reunite on Wednesday with their gardening gloves and enthusiasm. They're the heroes behind this budding masterpiece! Together, they've transformed a piece of land into a canvas of nature's beauty. Planting seeds, nurturing saplings, and sharing laughs – it's a bond that's as strong as the roots they're cultivating.

They'll give us delicious vegetables and aromatic plants as these crops grow. And guess what? These homegrown treasures will make their way into school meals, adding nutrition and flavor to every bite.


Our orchard will also be a classroom without walls, where families gather to learn about the wonders of healthy eating, and students learn about the importance of sustainability. These workshops will help us learn more about the benefits of good nutrition, tips for creating balanced meals, and insights into how a well-nourished body fuels a curious mind.


How can you become part of it? Whether you set a one-time or monthly donation, share some of your time, or cheer us and spread the word on social media, you will become an integral part of this blossoming journey. Your support is like sunshine and water, helping us nurture these seeds of change and growth.


So, stay tuned, dear friends, and remember to follow us on social media so you will never miss an update about the orchard and other exciting projects we are creating.