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Here at Niños de Guatemala (NDG), our Child Sponsorship Program is key to achieving our organization’s goal of providing “Skills for Success”, one child at a time. Our sponsors help provide an education as well as mentorship to a deserving child in Guatemala who attends one of Niños de Guatemala’s three schools. 

Sponsorship Relationships Transform Lives

When you sponsor a child through Niños de Guatemala, you’re not only supporting our organization and schools, you are also creating a one-on-one relationship with your sponsor child as their “Madrina” or “Padrino” (Godmother or Godfather). This relationship will not only motivate and encourage your child to study and stay in school, it will transform his or her life. But you will also find that as your relationship grows, sponsorship will transform your life, as well. 

Audrey’s Sponsorship Story

Audrey Bourget first became involved with Niños de Guatemala in 2017 when she began volunteering in one of the schools. Audrey, who is from France, came to volunteer as a way to give back. After meeting and working with the students, Audrey felt inspired and wanted to give more. “To me, education is the most important part of life. It’s how you learn and understand the world,” she says. “If you have an education, you become a better person because of what you learn.”

As a Madrina or Padrino, you will exchange letters with your sponsor child and receive updates on his or her performance in school throughout the year. “Being in contact with a student is my favorite part,” Audrey says about the Sponsorship Program. “Seeing my sponsor child grow through education is really inspiring.” 

A Visit With Noemi for the Best Birthday Ever!

Recently, Audrey’s sponsor child Noemí celebrated her 7th birthday. To make Noemi’s day extra special, Audrey visited her school with several treats including a jump rope, coloring books, a new ball, and cakes. Noemi was especially excited to receive a new ball, since they didn’t have one at home. “We talked about what she likes to do for fun. She likes to draw and play soccer. She likes to play with her sister, too,” says Audrey. 

During recess, Audrey, Noemí, and Noemi’s older sister Evelyn, who is also a student at school, got together to enjoy the birthday treats. Audrey and the two girls talked about school, their favorite activities, and what they liked to do for fun. After playing some games and completing a puzzle, Audrey, Noemí, and Evelyn all said goodbye with a hug. 

The Sponsorship Ripple Effect

The Niños de Guatemala Sponsorship Program creates and fosters relationships between children in Guatemala and their sponsors from all over the world. Audrey appreciates that her donations not only help her own sponsor child, but others as well. “The sponsorship program gives awareness to anyone who wants to learn. All sponsors can have contact with the children and see how an education is changing their life.” 

What does Audrey love most about being being a Niños de Guatemala Madrina? It’s knowing that she is motivating a child and providing an education. “For me, education is the most important part of life, it can help a child change the world.” 

Where Your Donation Goes

For $50 a month, your donation will cover educational expenses for a child in one of our primary schools. Along with giving the student an opportunity to go to school, your monthly donation will also go towards food and health care costs, a percentage of the teacher’s salary, and general school maintenance. 

Ready to Transform a Child’s Life…and Your Own?

Create your own unique one-on-one relationship with a child in Guatemala. Visit our Padrino Program page to learn more about sponsorship.