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Did you know that at Niños de Guatemala we have three different types of volunteering opportunities?

Become a teacher’s assistant: By becoming a teacher assistant you will be able to help the students and teacher with the daily task such as classroom management. You can be assigned a classroom from pre-k to sixth grade. During the school time you will help them from 7:30 to 1:30. The students will love you and will include you in their daily routines. If you want to practice Spanish or want to learn it, this is the perfect opportunity to do it!

Become an English Teacher: By becoming an English teacher or English assistant you will be able to connect with different classrooms. You could be with the little ones (from pre-k to second grade) or with the older ones (from third grade to sixth grade). This will give you the opportunity to leave a mark on each and every student. Some of your responsibilities would be to create English materials, help them with pronunciation and grammar and develop a nice friendship with them.

If English is your second or first language, and you want to be surrounded by fun activities with children, this is a great option for you!

Be a member of NDG administrative staff: We are always looking for people who can help us with our administrative tasks. Be an important member of our office and support the fundraising, social business, school administration, or finance department by volunteering remotely or at Antigua.

By being part of Niños de Guatemala, administrative staff, you will be helping the people who are behind all the hard work to keep the schools up and running.  You can decide to prepare a program with them or get in touch with one of the departments and create a project together.

If you would like to help Niños de Guatemala, but don’t have the possibility to come to Guatemala or love working with designs, content creation, finance, or fundraising. This is the perfect opportunity for you.

For more information you can check our volunteer page, send us an email at astrid.celada@ninosdeguatemala.org or fill out this form