Spanish Lessons FAQ

How I can start my online Spanish course?

First, you have to choose a package and then pay. After the payment has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with all the information you entered in the website to confirm. You will receive your teachers name and contact information and a confirmation of the hour in your zone to match our teacher’s availability. 

How do I know which Spanish course will suit me best?

You must first complete a placement test to check your Spanish language skills, this test will be shared with your assigned teacher to identify your level and offer you the best options to move forward your specific goals. 

Is it essential to know Spanish before booking a course?

No, if you don’t know any Spanish, you don’t need to take the placement test, just let us know and we will find the best teacher for you.     

 Is the Trial (Taster) Lesson free?

Yes, our first lesson is free for you to talk with your teacher and discuss the learning method that you prefer, this is great option to understand and make the most of your package. 

What kind of material will I use to study?

Depending on the level found in your placement test you will receive from the teacher the material to use, if necessary, the teacher will give you extra material or specific material depending on your needs.

Do I get this information one on one before the class?

You can receive this information and other questions when you answer back the contact email that will be sent to you, you will be offered to receive personal contact information to get all the answers that you may have. 

Which methods of payment does Niños de Guatemala Spanish  accept?
We have 2 options to make the payment: 

  1. Website (WeTravel Platform): This option will allow you to make the payment with any credit card and choose the class information. 
  2. Paypal: This method can receive payments from credit cards and other paypal accounts. With this method you will receive a confirmation email and we will set all the details one on one. 
  3. Wired Transfer to our bank account. This option will take 3 to 4 business days to be confirmed. With this method you will receive a confirmation email and we will set all the details one on one.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us via this email:

Once I’ve paid, can I start the course immediately?

No, since we are in a different time zone we will schedule your lessons in advance, depending on the hour that you require, usually this takes about 24 hours. 

I have paid but I didn’t receive any information or contact.

First, check if our confirmation mail has landed in your spam folder. Please send us an email if the money has been transferred and more than 24 hours have passed. If we made a mistake, we will try to correct it.

Is it safe to pay via Niños de Guatemala website?

Yes, NDG uses a secure SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer) which guarantees a high level of encryption. For security reasons, NDG does not receive at any time any information from your credit card because all payments are transferred by a payment provider (WeTravel).

Which currency is accepted for payment?

€ (Euros) via Paypal and US$ (United States dollar) in the website and Bank Transfer.

How do I get my NDG course certificate?

To get your certificate, you need to pass a test at the end of the course. After completing the final test, you will receive your result from our virtual teacher. If you have scored more than 70% on the next level of the test, you will have passed the test and will receive your certificate as a PDF document. If you do not pass, you will have two more chances to repeat the test. If you don’t pass on the third try, you will be required to book more lessons.

What language will my class be in?

We recommend speaking Spanish with your support teacher. Most of our teachers only speak the basics of English so you will need to communicate as best as you can in Spanish. If you do not speak any Spanish we will set you up with a bilingual teacher. 

Which technical equipment do I need to use to receive the class?

You will need Skype and a headset. We usually recommend using a video camera to do video conferences. 

What happens if I do not show up to receive the class? Do I lose the class?

We pay our teachers by the hour, this means that they work only with pre-set appointments and we cannot cancel the appointment unless it is 1 week in advance, if for any reason you cannot show up or cancel the class you will lose it.