Join Us in Creating Special Bonds Through Sponsorship

Dear Niños de Guatemala Community, At Niños de Guatemala, we believe in the transformative power of sponsorship. The relationship between a sponsor and a student is more than just financial support—it’s a special bond that positively impacts the educational journey and life of the student.

Sponsors play a crucial role in the lives of our students by providing monthly donations and engaging in meaningful interactions through letters, video calls, visits, and celebrations of achievements and special occasions. This connection not only fosters a sense of support and encouragement but also motivates our students to excel in their studies and classes, knowing that someone believes in them and is cheering them on every step of the way.

In our April post, we discussed the importance of sponsorship and how it has changed the lives of many of our students. Today, we want to update you on our progress and challenges. Despite our efforts and the generosity of many, we still have 271 students who need sponsors, more than half of our student body.

Our dream is to ensure that each student has a sponsor who helps them become better students and individuals. To achieve this, we need your help. By spreading the word and recommending Niños de Guatemala to your friends and family, we can reach more people and hopefully find 271 new sponsors by the end of the year.

We’ll share updates with you each trimester through our sponsorship thermometer to track our progress. Together, we can create more special bonds and provide opportunities for our students to thrive.

Remember that you can write to us at padrino@ninosdeguatemala.org with your referral information or any questions you have. Also, this link allows you to view the sponsorship levels, more information, and become a sponsor.