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The adventure of a lifetime: Volunteer testimony

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When you decide to volunteer with us, you become an important member of the organization and to our students. The children become part of your daily routine as you help them with their activities, homework and snacks. Last week we were able to sit down with one of our former volunteers and talk about his experience as a volunteer for 9 weeks. Wayne became a volunteer throughout our newsletters and website. He was looking for places to volunteer during the beginning of the year and we became a perfect match.

“My first day volunteering was great, I worked in the English Classroom with the teacher and the next day with the Psychologist. You are never ready for their energy (students) and the love they give you.”

Wayne, Volunteer, 2023

Wayne reflected on his time at Niños de Guatemala and the impact he had on the students. I remember when I arrived that they didn´t have an English teacher and the Director, Fabiola, asked me if I could help them with the grades of 4th, 5th and sixth. I know I shouldn´t play favorites but the sixth graders will always have a place in my heart. They were so eager to learn and you could see the enthusiasm and how willingly they were to learn English.

When we asked him what meant for him Niños de Guatemala and volunteer, we couldn´t help to feel a little too emotional with his response. “An education gives a child a future and we all need a future. The children of Guatemala have less opportunities to receive education. So if you can help a child, then its like if you had a bucket and you put a few droppets in there. Probably you wont be able to help all the children in Guatemala but if you are able to help at least one then thats all that matters.

Become a volunteer with us and help us fill our 530 buckets with a better future