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The hope that you give as a sponsor

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This month we had the opportunity to have 2 volunteers from Indiana University, Drushya and Eri. While going on a tour to the schools and seeing the importance of communication between a sponsor and a student, Drushya felt overjoyed and couldn´t help but feel emotional about our mission. Drushya felt inspired and decided to write a letter to all our sponsors.

Transcript from letter

Hello, my name is Drushya Musham, I am a 19-year-old college student who is doing a 10-week internship with Ninos de Guatemala. This is my first time in the country doing work like this. I just want to let you know how meaningful and impactful your involvement with this organization is. I was here to witness your sponsor child open his present and it was the most moving, priceless reaction.

Everything you do is deeply appreciated. because you are doing much more than donating money. You are Providing hope, opportunity, and happiness to these kids and their families as well. I wish you got a change to see their reaction. Your dedication inspires interns like me to do meaningful work for a cause that truly matters.

This experience is helping me gain perspective about my own life, privilege’s, and impact. I hope you continue finding ways to make a change, small or big, because everything matters. Once again, thank you for everything that do, and know that a random teenager from Chicago, IL is grateful for you.

Take care!

Drushya Musham

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