Ways of creating a special bond: Meet your sponsored

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At Niños de Guatemala our doors are always open so you can come and visit us, from January to November. Join us for a visit, witness firsthand what your monthly donations contribute to as a sponsor, and share a very special moment with your sponsored student/s.

During this year we have welcomed incredible sponsors who met their sponsored student for the first time, as well as others that visit them regularly and act like old friends naturally, as they catch up. Here are some of their testimonies, hopefully, they will inspire you to do the same and visit your sponsored students, write a letter or schedule a video call.

Roberto (Bob) Landis:

Roberto has been a sponsor to Jeffrey for four years now. Jeffrey has attended El Porvenir Elementary School in San Lorenzo El Cubo, he is in fifth grade and is 10 years old.


Transcript from audio:

Four years ago, my wife & I took a Chicken Bus Tour around Antigua Guatemala, and had the opportunity to learn about Niños de Guatemala and visit their schools.

During our visit, we got to understand how important it was for all children in the 3 schools to have a sponsor to communicate with, so when we got back home we realized we wanted to be a part of this program and we gave it a try right away. It has been a really great experience for us as a family ever since. 

Being able to mentor a child is as important 
as contributing to his education.

Knowing Jeffrey for many years now, we have learned that he wants to grow up to be a doctor, and we want to help support his dream and his family’s well-being.


When I travel to visit Jeffrey, 
I feel like I am visiting a friend.

  • We like to play together and talk about what is going on in school for him.
  • Jurrian
  • Jurrian has been a sponsor to Steven for two years now.
  • Steven attends Nuestro Futuro Elementary School in Ciudad Vieja, he is in second grade and is 9 years old.
  • When we met Steven for the first time, we couldn’t believe how extraordinarily bright he was.
  • We would exchange letters often and NDG would show us how well he was doing but being able to sit down with him, hear about his adventures, and also how excited he was to meet us.
  • To meet him was unforgettable.
  • We feel so happy and excited to see how our monthly donations are helping Steven become a better person and student.
  • My parents and brother started sponsoring before me and I could see how excited they were to support their sponsored students’ education.

Being able to be part of Niños de Guatemala and help these communities makes us feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and that we can actually help & benefit a lot of people.