Worry Doll Tour

The Worry Doll Tour begins with an exciting start: a ride on the colorful and chaotic chicken bus, an experience you cannot miss if you want to understand Guatemalan everyday life. After a short bus ride, you will arrive in San Lorenzo el Cubo. Walking around town, our guide will tell you all about life in San Lorenzo and Guatemala in general on your way to your first destination.

San Lorenzo el Cubo does not provide many opportunities for education. There are only three primary schools – including Niños de Guatemala’s (NDG) primary school “El Porvenir”. You will visit the school and learn more about the work NDG does.

After this, you’ll walk through San Lorenzo el Cubo towards the home of Doña Rosa. Her three children attend the Niños de Guatemala schools. A common occupation for women in San Lorenzo el Cubo is making worry dolls. Worry dolls or quitapenas are traditional Mayan dolls which Guatemalans put under their pillow when they sleep to get rid of their worries.

On this trip, our guide and Doña Rosa will tell you more about the worry dolls’ legend and history while showing you how to make your own, using local materials. After these fun and educational visits, you will return to Antigua by chicken bus, with your own handmade worry doll!